Mr. Harry

Open Hours: 10:00AM-10:00PM

Phone number: 6203 6511

Price Range: 120-200RMB/person 

English Address: 5/F 819 Nanjing Xi Lu near Shimen Lu 

Chinese Address: 南京西路819号5楼, 近石门二路

Metro: Line 2 Nanjing Xi Lu 


*Please note this was an arranged taste testing 

What do you do when it’s 3:10AM, you’re starving and Bellagios just closed?

Answer: Suck it up, eat some Family Mart crackers and wait restlessly for the brunch you booked for at 12.

Today we hit up Mr. Harry’s at Nanjingxi Lu for a taste of authentic British cuisine cause if I’m going to study in London this semester, I might as well get a sneak peek of what I’ll be having for breakfast everyday for a whole year.

Blue buttoned sofas, English antique knickknacks and wide full length windows make this restaurant a quaint place to lounge on a lazy Sunday.

As the English do, we started off with a pot of Earl Grey before even putting in our order.


Enjoyed the delightfully detectable citrus flavoring – would recommend.

Mr. Harry himself gave us a little anecdote to go with our tea; legend has it that this particular blend was given to the British Prime Minister, Charles Grey, by a Chinese man whose son was saved by Grey. Quite interesting to see how the two cultures were intertwined to create one of the most beloved blends consumed today.

For our first main, we had The Full English, recommended by Harry.

Well there ya go, all your English breakfast staples on one plate. Two perfectly fried eggs with gooey yolk centers paired with grilled tomato and braised mushrooms. Wasn’t a fan of the soft bacon and my first taste of black pudding (pig blood with porridge oats) was a definite miss – glad I tried something new today, but I won’t craving it anytime soon. Favorites would include the soft baked beans and Harry’s homemade sausage, made from pork shoulder and belly, paired with HP brown sauce.  

Our second main was their Beer Battered Fish & Chips with Pea Puree and Tartare Sauce.  

Process: fish imported from Iceland fried three times over the span of an hour

Result: softly cooked cod enclosed in a layer of light and crispy batter

We’re all for the subtle accompanying tartare sauce, but we’d ditch the bland pea puree.  I would highly recommend this dish if you make a visit because there’s a reason it’s a crowd favorite.


Overall, the highlights of this restaurant include their signature Fish & Chips, the great Nanjingxi Lu people-watching view and of course, the amicable Mr. Harry who’s always making rounds to check up on his guests. Good for lax, comfort weekend breakfasts and meeting friendly British blokes/families.