Ginger (by the Park)

Phone number: 3406 0599

Price Range: 200-300rmb/person 

English Address: 91 Xing Guo Road near Hunan Road 

Chinese Address: 兴国路91号, 近湖南路

Metro: Line 10 Shanghai Library 


*Please note this was an arranged taste testing 

We were on a bit of a time crunch today seeing as we had to make a trek down to Pudong for our venue hunting appointments, but nevertheless made a quick pit stop at Ginger because I for one cannot sit through a meeting on an empty stomach. Priorities, right?

This place is tucked away in the midst of French Concession trees, nestled right next to a quaint park on Xing Guo road. First impressions of the interior design hinted that this dining experience would be different. Its mismatched furniture, industrial open pipe ceilings, wooden boarded walls and gentle lounge music gave off a rather rustic vibe. We were reserved a seat right next to the window, which provided us a tranquil view of the park.

Rumor has it that their eclectic appetizers are their strong suit so we decided to give them a go. First up was the Spicy Beef & Puffed Rice Roll Ups, Lettuce, Asian Herbs and Crushed Almonds.

Ever struggle to dig to the bottom of your bibimbap just to scrape off a few bites of the crispy rice stuck to the pot? That’s the type of crunchy rice texture you get here, mixed with chopped beef and peppers. Slightly spicy with a subtle tangy sweet aftertaste. I’ll admit I was dubious when the order first arrived, but one bite and I was humbled. Highly recommend. 

Next, we had the Tuna Tartare with Crushed Mint Peas and Anchovy Labane. 

Tuna fatty pieces were soft, lightly seasoned and melted like butter in your mouth paired with bread crisps – probably one of the best tuna tartare I’ve had thus far in Shanghai. Finished all 8 pieces myself and still wanted more. Highly recommended.

Next we ordered the Shoga Salad. 

Disappointing to say the least. Big bowl of shredded cabbage with a few thin strips of chicken filet and a handful of ginger fritters. Not worth the price you pay.

Lastly, we ordered the Pad Thai from their Noodles & Rice selection. 

Seldom do I find myself pleased with Shanghai pad thai, but Ginger’s attempt kills it. Chewy rice noodles stir fried with egg, dried tofu slices and Argentina prawn topped with crushed almonds and a lemon zest. We appreciated how the sauce was on the slightly heavier side with a spicy kick. Go on and order this, we’re all for it.

Overall, the highlights of this restaurant are the view and the quality food, with appetizers in particular stealing the show. The salad was a miss, but the rest of our impressive orders made up for that mishap. My friends all know I’m not a fan of fusion, but Ginger blends their flavors so delicately and creatively that I can’t help but laud their ending product (aka this is officially one of my new favorite places). Thoroughly enjoyed my visit here and look forward to trying their brunch in the future (I’ve got my eye on that beautiful outdoor terrace they have).