Open Hours: Daily 7:00AM-1:00AM

Phone Number: 6473 8092

Price Range: 80-100rmb

English Address: Tianzifang, Room 5, Lane 7, 210 Taikang Road, near Sinan Road

Chinese Address: 田子坊泰康路210弄7号5室,近思南路

Metro: Line 9 Dapu Bridge

Website: www.kommune.me

Every time my friend from NYC arrives back in Shanghai, she’s always got one request: to have a meal at Tianzifang’s Kommune restaurant.

If you’re into clever themes, then you’ll get a kick out of this one. Everything’s made to look like a major throwback to China’s old canteens days back in the 1960s. They’ve got the narrow wooden tables, small steel stools, soup thermals and everything red going on. Did I mention they sell their own olden day designed tin cups as well?

I will say I made a trip down here a few weeks ago for dinner and was quite disappointed with the limited amount of choices, but their lunch menu (which comprises of an all-day breakfast selection as well) looks a lot more promising.

My friend ordered the Pesto Tuna Salad Sandwich with a side of Potato Wedges.

Didn’t try for myself, but my friend gave the sandwich a two thumbs up (especially pleased with the tuna and peppers) before scarfing it down.

I decided to give their all day breakfast a go. I had the Avocado & Tomato Smash.

Two eggs over easy placed on top of sourdough toast. Pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed their mix of creamy avocado, sundried tomato pesto, cut baby tomatoes and chopped onions. It was really the pesto that made the combination subtly flavorful, which paired well with the eggs and toast. Would definitely recommend.

Of course we left a little room for dessert. We had their Chocolate Cake.

Meh, not as moist as we had hoped, but it was a worth a shot (and presented beautifully).

Overall, highlights of this place include the enjoyable theme and their breakfast selection. Dessert was a bit of a let down, but mains were on point and I would definitely recommend coming here for lunches over dinners. Warning: they’ve also got outdoor seating, but they may be snagged by hipsters on weather-friendly nights.