Open Hours: Daily 11:00AM-11:00PM

Phone Number: 5283 3710

Price Range: 150-400rmb depending on which rib size you opt for

English Address: No. 60 Lane 273 Jiazhou Road near Xinzha Road

Chinese Address: 胶州路273弄60号,近新闸路

Metro: Line 7 and 2 Jing’An Temple

Let’s talk about ribs. And by ribs I don’t mean those measly glued-to-the-bone-stuck-in-your-teeth-drenched-in-overly-sweet-or-embarrasingly-sour-sauce pieces of meat. I mean the legit stuff I ate back when I still lived in Texas (that’s right, your girl’s got some Texan blood in her). Been scouting the city for a place that comes even close to the closed Tony Romas that used to sit next to the Ritz-Carlton in Jing’An and up until now I’ve had no luck.

I heard of Gumgum through a work colleague so that’s how my brother found himself dragged here on a Tuesday night. I kid you not when I say this place is way deep into a small alley and that the spacing is quite limited. But nothing comes between us and our ribs.

Our starter was their Spinach Strawberry Salad with Pine Nuts. We asked for a side of tuna just to try out their seafood as well.

Both salad and tuna was mediocre. Wouldn’t recommend it as a starter much less a main.

Their rib sizes comes in three: large, extra large or extra extra large. Since it was our first try, we decided to go with the safer bet and ordered large.

Got down and dirty with this one. Here’s how you know you’ve got a quality rack of ribs:

1. The meat is cooked so tender and moist that it voluntarily slides off the bone with a gentle peel

2. Meat comes with a slightly smoky flavoring

3. You can’t stop licking the sweet BBQ sauce off your fingers

Not only did this dish provide ribs that hit all three points, it also served a side of Mexico grilled corn smothered in cotija and mayonnaise that we loved. Highly recommended.

However, we weren’t so lucky with the Mexico City Burger.

Burger came with green chili, pickles, cheese, mayo and jalapenos complimentary fries?? We had to order the garlic fries on our own. We had high hopes for their burger, but were extremely disappointed with the overly salty patty and non-toasted stale bun. This definitely ain’t a burger joint. 

Overall, the highlight of this restaurant is hands down their ribs. Although we still don’t think anything can replace our beloved Tony Romas (yes, it still hurts saying that), we think Gumgum’s ribs come pretty darn close and their grilled corn is the best we’ve had in town. Just make sure ribs is what you’re craving when you come because they've still got some improving to do with their other mains