Cantina Agave

Open Hours: Daily 11:00AM-11:00PM

Phone Number: 6170 1310

Price Range: 80-120rmb/person

English Address: 291 Fumin Road near Changle Road

Chinese Address: 富民路291号,近长乐路

Metro: Line 1 Shanxi Road

Since Shanghai’s entered into its September days, I can finally sit outside without feeling like I’m about to melt my eyebrows off. Now I’m all about that outdoor seating and margarita sippin’. We had a visiting guest so we decided to hit up one of Shanghai’s oldies (but goodies) for some Mexican grub. 

Good thing I called in to make a reservation because the outdoor patio was packed by the time we arrived. We started ourselves off with a pitcher of their original bestseller - “Deceptive Margaritas”.

Menu caption: That Which Looks Harmless Might Have You Waking Up in Tijuana…

Menu caption: That Which Looks Harmless Might Have You Waking Up in Tijuana…

We ordered a plate of chips to go with our drinks.

Personally my favorite corn chips in the city. Bonus points: you can add whatever sauce you want from their salsa bar – highly recommended. If you’re looking for something heavier with more pizzazz go for their Macho Nachos with meat toppings.

We had their Pasilla Tortilla Soup.

Slightly spicy pasilla pepper and tomato based soup. Comes with shredded chicken and a few slices of avocado. Solid choice, but we wish it came with just a bit more avocado.

We then had their Avocado & Shrimp Chop Salad.

Zesty roast tomato-pasilla vinaigrette mixed with leafy greens, fava beans, edamame, corn, dill, sliced avocado, goat cheese and fat, juicy pieces of shrimp. Wonderfully flavored and highly recommended.

For mains we had their Fajitas De Los Gringos

Muy bueno. Sizzling marinated steak served on a hot-iron plate paired with chopped onions, Mexican rice, sliced bell peppers, refried beans and your choice of corn/flour tortillas. Meat was juicy and portions are almost too big to finish. Had to order a second round of margaritas to wash this one down.

We also opted for the Two Soft Taco Combo Plate.

Combo comes with refried beans, Mexican rice and shredded lettuce. Taco fillings vary from pork shoulder to grilled beef to shredded chicken to homemade pork chorizo sausage.

Overall, highlights of this place include the lively atmosphere (especially at night when you got one table of hipster guitar players writing song lyrics and another table of moms having a girls night out sharing a pitcher of sangria) and their food in general. Waiters are friendly and we enjoyed every order we had. Patio is popular during dinner hours so call in for reservations ahead of time.

Three pitchers of margaritas, six licked-clean plates and a dozen of hold-my-stomach-from-laughing-too-hard moments later, we left with a great impression of this place. Until next time!