Sushi Gassho (合掌)

Open Hours: 10:00AM-10:00PM

Phone Number: 64073771

Price Range: 50-90rmb/person

English Address: 5/F Grand Gateway, 1 Hongqiao Road

Chinese Address: 虹桥路1号港汇广场5楼

Metro: Line 1, 9, 11 Xujiahui

I’ll let you in on a secret. This place has been my go-to Japanese restaurant for the whole summer now for three main reasons:

1.     Their lunch sets are bomb

2.     Their fish is fresh

3.     Their prices don’t make a huge dent in my wallet

Sushi Gassho is located on the fifth floor of Grand Gateway mall, tucked behind a popular hotpot restaurant so it is often overlooked since people don’t bother to walk as far. The entrance is unassuming and there is almost never a wait time here so no worries when it comes to reservations.

We go ahead and start with appetizers. First, we have their Healthy Salad.

Chopped tomatoes, carrots, romaine lettuce, bell peppers and orange slices mixed with their light, but sweet dressing – great starter.

We also order a side of Edamame and Seaweed Salad.

We had their Tuna Sushi and Salmon with Avocado Sushi.

Portions come small, but fresh. Prices are extremely reasonable so keep the orders coming!

Next, we had their Salmon and Roe over Rice.

Generous fresh portions of salmon layered on top of sushi rice.

Lastly, we ordered their Rainbow Roll.

avorite of the night. Roll includes salmon, tuna, avocado, shrimp tempura, cucumber and mango. Go for their 8 piece portion instead of 4, promise you won’t regret.

Overall, the highlight of this restaurant is the bang for your buck sushi and rolls. Orders are consistent, service is friendly and reservations are never needed. This was a dinner review, but I highly recommend coming before 2PM so you can take advantage of their reasonable (and large portioned) lunch sets (hint: get the salmon lunch set, it’s enormous).