Mellower Coffee

pen Hours: Daily 8:30AM-Midnight

Phone Number: 6315 1079

Price Range: 50-70rmb/person

English Address: 9 Jinan Road near Shunchang Road

Chinese Address: 黄浦区济南路9号, 近太仓路

Metro: Line 1 Huangpi Nan Road

Deadlines are coming up? You’ll find me holed up in a café armed with my laptop and a cup of Joe, mooching off free WIFI. It’s kind of sad how long I sat there by myself today, but at the very least my playful coffee kept me entertained.

The coffee joint is walking distance from the Andaz hotel, right across from the Xintiandi Bellagios. Theme of the place is dark oak with dim lighting and dangling lights. I’m in love with their stool-like tables and transparent glass menus hanging above the counter. They’ve even got a training room with all the brewing equipment ready for those who are looking to take classes.

Went for their signature drink, “Sweet Little Rain”.

It’s so fluffyyyyy I’m gonna die. A huge ball of cotton candy dangled above a steaming Americano melts slowly into the coffee creating a “rain effect”. Concept is simple enough for a second grader to understand, but process is still exciting to me.

The taste you ask? Well, really just your average Americano only mildly sweetened. There are definitely more exotic coffee beans from Kenya and Guatemala I look forward to trying next time.

Overall, it’s a great study space with friendly waiters and decent WIFI. I see lots of people coming in for chats, but they tend to keep their voices down so the joint isn’t too noisy. Place gets a bit packed during late afternoons so I would advise going around 1-2PM. Sometimes they’ll even open up the training room tables if spacing is really limited.