D.O.C. Gastronomia Italiana

Open Hours: Daily 11:00AM-11:00PM

Phone Number: 6473 9394

Price Range: 100-200rmb/person depending on what you order

English Address: 5 Dongping Road near Yueyang Road

Chinese Address: 东平路5号,近岳阳路

Metro: Line 1 HengShan Road

We were excited to try this place when we heard it was one of Italian Chef Stefano Pace’s self owned restaurants. Pace is known for working in award-winning restaurants including Gusto in Rome, Le Royal Meridien in Shanghai and The Opposite House in Beijing.

We had their Saltinbocca.

Fascinated with this gigantic outer dough shell made from their wooden ovens 

Fascinated with this gigantic outer dough shell made from their wooden ovens 

Peak inside the saltinbocca 

Peak inside the saltinbocca 

Saw this online and made it my mission to order and try it. A saltinbocca is an open wood fire pizza bag filled with…well whatever you want really. Their classic one comes with spelt, fresh yellow fin tuna, goats cheese, chopped tomatoes, avocado, olives, romaine lettuce and a poached organic egg. Gave that egg a good poke to let the yolk soak over the greens. The “pizza bag”, which was drizzled with a touch of olive oil was crisply thin at the top and doughy at the bottom. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it in Shanghai – would highly recommend this.

Next we had their Hand Crafted Ravioli.

Ravioli stuffed with organic baby spinach, stracciatella cheese and D.O.P. salted ricotta covered in their thick passata di pomodoro (tomato sauce). Snaps for them if their sauce is homemade because we’re quite impressed.  

Lastly, we had their Pasta di Gragnano (Napoli), Spaghetto Chitarra Alla Marinara.

Delightfully chewy mancini pasta paired with an array of seafood selections such as clams and shrimp and seasoned with chives, bottarga, garlic and olive oil. Would also highly recommend.

Overall, highlight of this place has really been the quality food we were served. Ruggedly hip atmosphere with dishes that were all hits. Not bad D.O.C., you can officially call us fans.